WaR3house Gig

We are playing a gig on JAN 14 at WaR3house3 in Swarthmore, PA with our long time friends Tappas. I have been in the same room 3 times in the past 5 years with these guys. The 5th or 6th on the 14th will treat you right. Please join.  Doors 7PM.
pubis mons

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so snowboarding has overshadowed the music part of my life from a playing perspective

this may be my favorite music thing right now. thanks to JD for turning me on to these guys

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Posting this as a link of the day:
A-capella. I bought Hot Space on cassette at the granite run mall, record bar maybe, and this is one of my favorite songs. Love when they back the music out and make it just vocals like this.

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Wild Belle

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Tera Melos

So the toe that Mom mom was holding on Vera has been cut off of Mom mom. I have a picture but the remaining toes are so scarey.

Unrelated, this is my new favorite song:

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Mom Mom

Mom Mom, one faction of her white woman spawn, plus me, my dad and Juan Epstein.

I like how Mom Mom is grabbing Vera’s toe.

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Purling Hiss

It may have been a decade ago now that a passionate young man named Mike Polizze would shoot the shit with me on the train about guitars and music and give me a ride home from Media station.

That was back in the day when you did 4 track cassettes and he was doing a lot back then with his associate Jake. The last time I saw Jake, he got off the train to take a piss in Yeadon and I swear I haven’t seen him since. Those tapes were riddled with tastey Polizze riffs, and in the past few years the fruition of Mike’s prolific musicianship and passion as a guitarist have earned him massive success. He is doing everything right and it makes me so stoked to see him getting the recognition as an artist that he deserves.

I had to come home from work early last week because my van broke down on the baby sitter and I ran into Mike on the train. It was like de ja vu and I felt blessed with the coincidence. Now I am listening to his band’s latest record Water On Mars

You should buy it, I did. Now I am going to bore ass Mike to try and get him to come over and play guitars. If I can’t get him to, I will continue my third straight night of playing along with Wilco ‘Impossible Germany’ and smile knowing Mike has jammed with those dudes.

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Picasso’s in Media Tonight

I am playing solo acoustic at Picasso’s in Media, PA tonight from 7-10 PM

Bring your egg shakers and kazoos

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Coffee n Poo

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George Jones

I did not latch on to country music until later in life. One of the first figure heads of that genre to really cut me was George Jones and I am saddened to learn of his passing today. His golden voice was a beam from heaven and his fame made him a public example of the struggle of American humanity. He basically cured and survived his own insanity by getting off blow and exercising Deedoodle Duck, the demon who tried to take his voice away from us in 1979.

His long life is as inspirational as his music and it’s a beautiful day to breathe in the sunny breeze and remember this legend.

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