Good Music

It’s always fun to kick it with some audiophiles and youtube for great audio files. People do this a bunch on face book but while we don’t have much to report from day to day with the band I’ll try and share some of the good stuff I have been picking up on

Sukiyaki – Ue wo muite arukou – Kyu Sakamoto
I first found this song a long time ago on the Golden Jew web site Gene Ween used to have. I saw it on my neighbors links page and he had a great story about how he popped it on the record player when his oldest daughter was small and she reacted and approached him for a dance.

Beach Boys – God Only Knows a capella – no music, just vocals
Before that we were listening to this collection of Beach Boys tracks from Pet Sounds with the music tracks backed out. They were like 24 and such badasses.

Sham-A-Ling-Dong-Ding – Jesse Winchester Spectacle
Last week another neighbor introduced me to Jesse Winchester. How could I not know this guy who makes Neko Case cry like that?

Gene Clark – Silver Raven
On my way out to jam with some friends over the weekend I listened to a documentary on the Byrds on the radio. What a ride for a band. The stories of kicking out David Crosby were amusing but I latched on to the Gene Clark stories. His departure from the Byrds happened when he had a nervous breakdown and had to get off an airplane. Roger McGuinn told him he couldn’t be a Byrd if he couldn’t fly and that was it. So I am trying to take in all his songs and learn something.

Roky Erickson And The Explosives – Austin, Tx. 1980
I came across some Roky Erickson videos in the wake of an East Coast gig last week and just needed to pick things up here.

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