I am NOT R4

Well, I joined the R3band almost two years ago now as a fourth member on guitar and background vocals. For a long time, I was being referred to as “R4″ by people who clearly think that R3 indicates quantity of personnel in the band, like Gang of Four or something. The most cursory musical knowledge will tell you that numbers in band names very rarely correspond how many folks are in the band, Gang of Four being a notable exception. I ask you, did L7 have seven riot grrrrrrrrrrls? A resounding no. Did Four Non-Blondes have only four members? No, my friend, they had four members who were not blonde, and one who clearly was (Nina Chinchalko) for a total of five. I feel your pain, Nina. Five for Fighting? More like One For Lugubrious Falsetto Whimpering. It’s about the train line, the one that connects us to lovely and historical Philadelphia. The name’s Brent, but if you want you can call me “Sloofoot,” “King Hellaman,” “Hotpockets,” “The Madman,” or any of my other aka’s from over the years, just no R4, mmmmkay?

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