David Crosby for Halloween

I have just decided I am going to be David Crosby for Halloween. He rules. I think it was about a year ago I was driving and heard a radio show about The Byrds that took me on a ride of information that the inter web makes so unbelievably accessible now. A long way we’ve come for some form of good because I think David Crosby is the shit. I was jamming youtube back then with neighbors and that steered me into a Gene Clark direction but I always got a kick out of them booting David Crosby. They had to really:

David Crosby Fired By The Byrds

I drifted back into interest of the byrds after digging into Gram Parsons and realized he was a hired gun in that outfit for a while and I’m still learning up. I saw this Swedish Folk Duo First Aid Kit in Philly last week and they encored with a Gram Parsons tune and offered up a request to a drunk lady up front when she cheered. Drunk lady knew less about Gram Parsons than me. I can’t remember what they played but my buddy said he woulda called ‘Spin City’ by the Flying Burrito Brothers but I think he meant this song:

Flying Burrito Brothers – Sin City

I am really digging harmonies these days and as I run a trace on shit like who wrote ‘Love Hurts’ and get into these Everly Brothers cats as a consumer of Felice and Boudleaux Bryant tunes. In this clip they say ‘bird’ so that brings a cohesive fabric to my rant. When I lived in Utah a cook I had worked with told me she was bird doggin me on the highway and I guess that means going as fast as you but a blonde one slower to see if you get picked up by the fuzz first.

Everly Brothers – Bird Dog – Till I kissed you

And to end the evening here’s a good one of my man David Crosby showing up. Respect. I hope errybody finds traction in the rain as the leaves fall and get wet on the roads around PA.

Crosby Nash BBC – Traction In The Rain (5 of 5)

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