I don’t talk to people I know any more since I am not on facebook and it seems that is where people conversate these days. I get bits and pieces of info on the rest the internet and heard that my brother Bundy is playing at Dobbs next THU NOV 1st with the Loose Lips. I am totally stoked for my bro and all the members of that band and hope I can make it to the show with Vlams.

I wish that Loose Lips would get on the internet without that face book bullshit so I could watch their progress and find out about them like I did these guys:

It was a goal of Bundy and mine to play Dobb’s way back in 1994 when we were playing with Jack McFadden who was deaf in one ear and the elder at 25 at the time. R3band played the Pontiac once for a great show with some other white reggae bands (Hub city Stompers and Si Senorita) even though we only have a few white reggae songs. The Pontiac was Dobb’s, the place Nirvana played, but somehow I feel like the fact it is Dobb’s again and Bundy is playing there next THU that 1994 goal will finally be reached.

Hope I am there to witness and be a part of it.

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