Purling Hiss

It may have been a decade ago now that a passionate young man named Mike Polizze would shoot the shit with me on the train about guitars and music and give me a ride home from Media station.

That was back in the day when you did 4 track cassettes and he was doing a lot back then with his associate Jake. The last time I saw Jake, he got off the train to take a piss in Yeadon and I swear I haven’t seen him since. Those tapes were riddled with tastey Polizze riffs, and in the past few years the fruition of Mike’s prolific musicianship and passion as a guitarist have earned him massive success. He is doing everything right and it makes me so stoked to see him getting the recognition as an artist that he deserves.

I had to come home from work early last week because my van broke down on the baby sitter and I ran into Mike on the train. It was like de ja vu and I felt blessed with the coincidence. Now I am listening to his band’s latest record Water On Mars

You should buy it, I did. Now I am going to bore ass Mike to try and get him to come over and play guitars. If I can’t get him to, I will continue my third straight night of playing along with Wilco ‘Impossible Germany’ and smile knowing Mike has jammed with those dudes.

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