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R3 Band History (2009):
The South Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Regional Rail Service to West Trenton and Media/Elwynn is called the R3 line. Many Media residents utilize R3 service to safely commute to and from the city of Philadelphia for work or pleasure.

Sean Martin (gtr, vox) and William McLaughlin (drms) are Media natives that have been acquainted since the late 1970′s as basketball opponents on the courts of the Media Youth Center. Having attended different schools for the most part, Martin and McLaughlin, known as “Bergy” at the time, remained acquainted around various Media social connections for the remainder of the 80′s.

In 1992, Martin transferred to Penn State University in State College, Pennsylvania and happened upon McLaughlin at a party hosted by other Media locals in the Penn Tower apartment complex. McLaughlin, now known as “Bundy”, discussed his musical interests and drumming endeavors with Martin. Sean grabbed an acoustic guitar in the apartment while Bundy opted for an available pan and spoon as traps. The two sensed potential in what resulted.

With Bundy residing in Media, Sean found himself taking every opportunity to get home and work in the McLaughlin family garage at bringing the music to fruition. Many cold days spent in the garage with the help of Jack McFadden on Bass, the outfit put together a few sets for open mics at the Old State Tavern and a great party at the Gill Street House in State College.

The music was aggressive, passionate and rough. At that time cover bands dominated the local music scene and there was not a big interest in local, original music. After graduating from Penn State in 1994, Sean and the band played a house clearing performance at the West End Saloon in Media. A few Weeks later Sean was ready to put his home town behind him and head to the mountains of Utah. He sold Bundy on the idea and the two drove off one night leaving Bundy’s drums, Jack McFadden and a teary eyed Mrs. McLaughlin behind.

The arrival in Salt Lake City found Sean well but it wasn’t long before Bundy found his way back home to Media. He went on to successfully form and play in a number of different outfits and venues in the years he resided in the Media area. With the help of band mate Ben Coia and associate Frank Heron, Bundy put on several multi-band festivals at the Dam Rock house in rural Delaware County. After exiting the Dam Rock residence Bundy returned home and continued putting bands together in the McLaughlin family garage. One such outfit was THE ROOF BOX POSSEE featuring the youngster Steve Vlaminck (bass) on guitar.

After a short jaunt in Los Angeles Sean returned to Salt Lake City and met a man named Jamison Wilkins. Jamison, a musical prodigy and accomplished drummer in the Salt Lake Area found an interest in Sean’s tunes and foresaw the chemistry that was to evolve when joined by Wilkins’ childhood friend Jason Rock on Bass. The outfit was called DORIELLA DuFONTAINE and hit the City of Salt like a musical afternoon squall. The band was often joined live and in practice by other Salt Lake area musicians from the Iceburn Collective, Stella Brass and Myrrh. During this time Martin found his musical feet and joined Bundy on stage one night at Jocelyn’s in Media with Joe Pappano on Bass while home visiting. The crowd’s reaction differed significantly from the last time Bundy and Sean had joined forces at the West End.

DORIELLA ceased playing shortly after recording a set of tracks with Herc Ottenheimer. Years later Sean moved his family back to Media. Bundy had since moved to San Clemente, CA to feed his hunger for surfing. Steve Vlams had been working as a laborer for Sean’s uncle Jimmy. Vlams and Sean met and discussed a mutual passion for music and a mutual musical acquaintance in Bundy.

The tides brought Bundy back to Media late in the fall of 2001. Days after arriving home, Bundy, Sean and Vlams began to meet in the basement of Sean’s 8th Street residence to work on what is now being dubbed the R3 BAND.

In September 2006 Sean reached out to Pete Donnelly who he had met in Ithaca NY in 1991 at a Figgs show about possibly producing R3 Band’s next recording endeavor. He agreed and 8 months later we cut these 9 tracks in one weekend at Philadelphonic studios. After some ups and downs, hiatus and reformation as a 4 piece, the project was completed in 2009 through sessions in Pete’s basement and Tom Spiker’s place in Northern Liberties.