R3 Band 10th Anniversary Edition

Back to the original 3 piece and playing some of the older material, along with the new.

Please comes see us at our upcoming shows.

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We just played a show at the Locust Crest and I would like to thank and apologize to the rest of the collective on the bill. I honestly don’t know what to believe about the fate of the establishment after the event.  I have heard so much shit talked about this place since before we played there I’m glad I smooched the floor even if I’m back there to take a look at the wet spot a year from now.  I just hope the old timers and the youngins I gave a tongue lashing to are there with me and the fire place still draws.  That was a good ole time.  Thanks to all who attended and bless up Huey and Danielle for Sophia Michelle.  Sorry y’all missed it. Thanks Bruce for making it happen.LokieLImeStone

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Mojo 13 Tonight

R3 band heads back to Mojo 13 tonight in Claymont DE. Getting our mojo back on Philadelphia Pike, get some.

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New Shows Old Video

We got some new shows coming up. Check the SHOWS page for details.

This may be the last time I was that far out 422 but still just south of the tubing venue.

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Snow tubing in PA

It’s fun to go fast and be simple

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Work week one done and done for weekend warrior local R003.

We are still recording but playing a show at Joclyn’s next THU 01.13.2011. Tomorrow I am going snowboarding in PA w my family. I may turn a few times. In the mean time hear some vids.

FIrst Time I Heard of Destroyer was this Nardwuar Interview with some cool people:

Snoop Dogg got much respect for Nardwuar. Canada must be the place.

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Some Shows and Recording

Howdy sports fans. We have been recording a new record with Hilf in Philadub head quarters. Having a blast.

Some new shows:
THU 11.18.2010 – joclyn’s media, PA w/ J’s newest outfit. We’re the opener.

SUN 11.21.2010 – media, PA. Breast Cancer Benefit for our friend.

A long time ago I did not want to live here on account of the deer ticks and lyme’s disease but at this point I think I am immune by nature,
Watch these vids and come see us at the show. The roof top shots remind me of Media.


One more from last time.
Crosby Nash BBC Simple Man – Marrakesh Express (1 of 5)

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David Crosby for Halloween

I have just decided I am going to be David Crosby for Halloween. He rules. I think it was about a year ago I was driving and heard a radio show about The Byrds that took me on a ride of information that the inter web makes so unbelievably accessible now. A long way we’ve come for some form of good because I think David Crosby is the shit. I was jamming youtube back then with neighbors and that steered me into a Gene Clark direction but I always got a kick out of them booting David Crosby. They had to really:

David Crosby Fired By The Byrds

I drifted back into interest of the byrds after digging into Gram Parsons and realized he was a hired gun in that outfit for a while and I’m still learning up. I saw this Swedish Folk Duo First Aid Kit in Philly last week and they encored with a Gram Parsons tune and offered up a request to a drunk lady up front when she cheered. Drunk lady knew less about Gram Parsons than me. I can’t remember what they played but my buddy said he woulda called ‘Spin City’ by the Flying Burrito Brothers but I think he meant this song:

Flying Burrito Brothers – Sin City

I am really digging harmonies these days and as I run a trace on shit like who wrote ‘Love Hurts’ and get into these Everly Brothers cats as a consumer of Felice and Boudleaux Bryant tunes. In this clip they say ‘bird’ so that brings a cohesive fabric to my rant. When I lived in Utah a cook I had worked with told me she was bird doggin me on the highway and I guess that means going as fast as you but a blonde one slower to see if you get picked up by the fuzz first.

Everly Brothers – Bird Dog – Till I kissed you

And to end the evening here’s a good one of my man David Crosby showing up. Respect. I hope errybody finds traction in the rain as the leaves fall and get wet on the roads around PA.

Crosby Nash BBC – Traction In The Rain (5 of 5)

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Who's Listening?

I got a text message tonight that we are in rotation on a local interweb radio station:


Check it out.  Been listening for a while and catching some good local stuff.  Bands we have played with over the years…

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Feels Like a Fall to me

Autumnal Equinox on the horizon. Hot enough for ya this summer?

We played a fun set acoustic yesterday at Rose Tree Park for a 9/11 commemorative event.  It was a beautiful day once again.  I’ll never forget.

Here’s a link to some pics of the show at the Media Theater


Here’s a video of the band that made my week via an R5 productions list serve.  Thanks dude – made my week.  Next time Jets To Brazil are in town please let us open?  Please?

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